Life is better when shared.

We believe in community. We believe that we are all brothers and sisters. We believe sharing is caring. Wherever we are, we would love to share our practices and participate in local community projects. Our offerings are also our biggest passion and we are dedicated to support anyone who comes into our path, to connect with themselves.

We are certified as yoga teacher, Acroyoga level 2 & Immersion teacher, Soul Motion teacher, Watsu therapist as well as other type of bodywork therapist. We've been facilitating classes, workshops and retreats internationally.

Our core value is promoting healthy way of living both for the mind and the body. Creating a space for encouragement, confidence, connectedness and supportiveness with one selves and with others is what we would like to bring. 

We want to inspire you & motivate you to to realise how much beauty and wisdom we already have in our selves.