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Healing Voice & Chakra Yoga Workshop With Haein Cho@ Brussels, Belgium

Healing Voice & Chakra Yoga Workshop

With Haein Cho

5-6th October 2019

“Be enchanted again. Tap into the transformative power of sound”


In this workshop, you will learn to work with your voice and creativity through ancient vocal techniques, Nada Yoga (Vocal Yoga), and the spiritual potential of the voice as a magical instrument for healing and meditation.
By learning to use your voice as a healing tool, you are empowered to release your emotions and energy through the use of vibrations of the voice and sacred sounds. As you experience vocal purifications and tuning of the chakras, sounds will allow you to find harmony, joy, lightness, well- being within you and around you.

This will be an invitation for self-acceptance and healing ceremony, a powerful sonorous ritual to safely give up and purify redundant parts of ourselves, re-discover the healer inside of you and be honoured in the fullness of our potential as luminous human beings.

Open your heart to yourself and others. Reconnecting with the divine in you and the sacredness of life.

  • Workshop contents

-Vocal purification

-Chakra tuning

-Transformative breathing

-Vibration and Harmonics Chants 

-Vocal meditation

-Mantras and sacred chants

-Vocal yogas and dream work

-Rituals & ceremonies

Please dress comfortably. Feel free to bring drums, rattles or other instruments, along with a journal for recording any insights received on your journey. If you wish, bring an item to charge on the altar during our circle.

*Open for everyone in any level, age, shape and experience*

  • About Haein Cho (KR)

Originally from South Korea, Haein grew up in Auroville, a spiritual community in South India. She’s a certified Watsu & massage therapist as well as a yoga & level 2 Acro yoga instructor.

She has been teaching Yoga, Acroyoga & Meditation in form of retreat, workshop, class and in festivals and conventions in Mexico, Peru, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, India, Korea, and Taiwan.

Haein, together with her partner Nicolas lived in South america for a year to work with plant medicine and Shamanism in 2016. Since then she’s dedicating much of her offering for retreats for women, Sound healing, Tantra, Dance rituals and shamanic yoga.

She has studied with overtone singing Master & sound healer, Alexandra Ostos in Peru, Hindu vocal & mantra master, Keya Guswami in India and Nada Yoga master Hamsini in Auroville.

  • Schedule

Saturday 5th 1:30-5:30pm & Sunday 6th October 2019, 9-18h

  • Venue

Theatre O Plus, Rue de la Victoire 26, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels.

  • Price

150 euros

  • Registration

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