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Acroyoga Korea Tour With Haein, Lucie & Friends



With Haein, Lucie & Friends

18th Feb-5th March 2017

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18th Feb 13:30-16:00 : Acroyoga With Haein & Hoon @ Gang Nam, Seoul

19th Feb 14:00-16:30 : Acroyoga With Haein & Hoon @ Pyung Tack, Kyunggido

25th Feb : Acroyoga With Haein & Hoon @ Song Pa Gu, Seoul

26th Feb : Acroyoga With Haein & Hoon @ Itaewon, Seoul

1st Mar : Acroyoga Day Intensive With Haein & Lucie @ Seoul

3rd-5th Mar : Spring Acro Camp With Haein & Lucie @ Busan

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