Pisac, Peru

Hi everyone, 

Those last two weeks have been quite the rodeo here is Peru. I finally took a direct bus from Arequipa to Cusco. It was good arriving in the mountain. I do feel at home in altitude, despite the intestinal acclimatation I necessitate. Yet, I still had quite some anxiety and didn't felt myself. On the day I arrived, I met a french girl who came to Cusco to learn Spanish and do a trek. I thought it was a great idea to study Spanish here. So we spent one week taking private lessons together. That gave me some sense of purpose, something to do. Mornings homework and afternoons lessons. It helped me to ground and build my days around that activity. Last week-end, I finally started to feel 'me' again. My appetite came back, my strength came back, I felt good. I took my last class last Sunday and on Monday, I decided it was time to go to Pisac, a small city at the entry of the Sacred Valley, one hour by bus from Cusco. It was not that easy a decision. I started to meet people in Cusco, found many yoga studios where I could have worked, discovered amazing places to eat and my Spanish was still far from being enough for basic conversations. I asked myself: should I simply stay one more week and see? No, I felt the need to get out of there, my guts were much clearer than my head about it. I needed calm and a place to practice sitting (meditation) and movement (yoga and dance). Let's just hop on the bus and see.


As soon as I arrived here in Pisac, I met nice interesting people. The first day was like a warm welcome from the people and the land. It was like arriving home. So I decided that day that I would spent the next month here. And on Wednesday, I found a place to stay in a nice community house shared with beautiful people. It felt sooo good to arrive !

It is beautiful here. I am staying a little bit out of the city, where I hear more of the birds than the cars and city noises. Within a few minutes, I can isolate myself on a hill, in Inca ruins or along a river. That's quite a good start as far as connecting to nature is concerned ! 

And then I loosened up, feeling content, meeting people and going on mini adventures some of them at the discovery of hidden Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley to do rituals there, following a river and unleash the wild animal inside of me, climbing and jumping from rock to rock or looking for alternative routes to climb the Pisac ruins. And after three days of doing so, spending most of my days in the company of friends, I felt completely exhausted. Yesterday, I felt the need to regroup. I needed silence and the support of my practice now. How great it is to feel this, it has been so long ! In Brussels, the need to practice was always linked to the need to teach. It's been a long time I feel this need without any goal nor sense of duty mixed with it. It's good to notice, it's good to feel that clearly. And it's certainly good to know I can do that here, now. I can start today ! 

I am happy here.

In the next days, maybe weeks, I will concentrate on finding again my intention for being here, gathering my power. What does it mean to get closer to nature? What does it mean to get out of my comfort zone and in service? Starting in silence. I am here now. Present and open to be part of this life. 


As I finish writing this words, I see a humming bird looking through the window. 

Life is good here. 

Love and Light,Nicolas.