Setting the intention , Part 1


Hey, hi ! Welcome to our Blog !

We are getting ready to start our new adventure and would like to begin by welcoming you here on our travel blog! 
First of, YES ! We are still in Brussels. We decided to begin this blog early to give us a chance to speak about the intention behind our trip as well as to motivate us to keep on once away. 
When we started to discuss about the possibility to leave, about 9 months ago, neither of us were clear about it. So instead of discussing about where to go, we decided to take the time to speak about why going.

After quite some listening, explaining, re-explaining, justifying, arguing and peace making, we understood that we were on the same page. Both of us are looking to (re?)connect with nature.

What does that mean, connecting with nature? 

Here is Nicolas’s version:

Well that is actually not that easy to put in words! 

First, what does ‘nature’ means? Let us take a look at thesaurus dictionary definition of the word. The first one is “the material world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities”. 

That is, I think, the everyday understanding of the word. However, as yogis we know some different concept. Indeed, from a yoga perspective, human beings are not coming into the world as we would come into a room, full of material stuffs. That is because thinking that way suppose that I existed prior to entering the room and will continue to exist once I leave. I do suppose I existed prior to enter into my living room from where I am writing this blog post and that once I will be finish writing, I will still exist outside of the living room (hopefully). But I am not sure that this was the case neither before I came to exist in the world about 32 years ago nor after I will take my last breathe. From a yogi perspective, we are coming out of this world and not into it. We are a creation of the world at the same level as we can say an apple is a creation of the apple tree. And therefore we, as human beings, belong to the World together with the minerals, plants and animals. None are superior, inferior nor equal to any others. All are unique expressions of the Universe. So then, this nature concept starts to seem less relevant. Moreover, the people we intend to visit, such as the Achuar in Peru and Columbia, have no word for ‘nature’. That is because to them, minerals, plants and animals are people like us! 

Coming back to thesaurus dictionary, we found a second definition that might help: nature could also mean “the sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe.” I don’t think we need to force much to see that definition fitting the yogis point of view. All things in existence are an expression of nature, the forces at work throughout the universe. We are all One, nature. We are all a unique expression of the One. All creation represents a unique blend of the forces at work through the universe. 

That is all well and good but do I really understand this? Well that is the thing! As much as I tend to think that I agree with the Achuar and yoga philosophy, I see myself acting as a westerner. I see me treating nonhumans with much less care and empathy than fellow humans. I see me treating some fellow humans as potential threat, and other with disdain. I see me acting as if I was a separated finite entity sharing unwillingly this so so comfortable world with people I don’t want to see and stuffs I don’t want to know anything about.  And I am getting pretty uncomfortable with myself. By travelling to places where people have a radical difference of point of view towards the world, I aim to reconnect to what I believe is an ancestral wisdom: “I am of this World. I belong here”. To me, that means the world. Literally. Imagine waking up with that truth living in your chest, in your guts: I belong here. I belong here and I am enough, as I am. Nothing to do, no one to become, nothing to understand, nothing to transform. I belong here. It is my birthright. Pfiuuuuuuuu ! Once I first entertain the idea, and let it sunk in my body, it was like breathing for the first time. I belong here. I am from here. 

Mmmmmh, so yes, we are leaving our yoga studio, our family and our friends to embark on a journey to change our point of view. Something as simple, as anecdotic, as a point of view. Something as difficult to grasp, as vague, as a point of view.

Something as fundamental as a point of view.