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Hi, We are Haein and Nicolas.

We met in Auroville, a spiritual community in South India, in 2009. We moved from Auroville to Brussels in 2012. A year later, Haein opened Haein Yoga studio and Nicolas joined the studio in 2014. 

From the first day, we fell madly in love and since then have been lovers, supporter, inspiration and witness. We learned together that being in a relationship was about commitment and being able to be the safe ground, the place to rest and restore for one another.  Gradually we’ve come to understand that a relationship was not about expecting the other to meet our expectations, nor even to help to get there! A relationship, as we would put it now, is to support the other to be who he/she truly is. We learn together that we’re not on a journey to please anyone, nor become anything. We are already all that we could ever dream to be. And we can help each other becoming at ease with ourself so that, on our own, we realize this to be true. 

 Not to heal, transform nor become, but to relax, let go and enjoy what is here, now. 

We believe we learn about life when we get out of our comfort zone. We believe that we need to be open and slightly out of balance to receive teachings in life. That's why we left our successful Brussels’ base yoga studio in November of 2016 and decided to head for the depth of the Amazon rainforest, a place that represents the great unknown to us.  We immersed ourselves into a journey to connect with Mother Nature and embrace our true self. Embracing our deepest shadows as well as our brightest light.

We spent a year in the Amazon, working with shamans and indigenous people through plant medicine and ancestral wisdom. We left Peru in awe of the sacredness of life and our belong-ship to this earth, convinced and committed to share this knowledge that is not just about me, nor you but all of us, all of the beings on this planet.

We believe in community, that we all are brothers and sisters. For us, sharing is caring. Wherever we are, we love sharing our practices and participate in local community projects. Our offerings are also our biggest passion and we are dedicated to support anyone who comes into our path to connect with themselves.

We are certified as yoga teacher, Acroyoga level 2 & Immersion teacher, Soul Motion teacher, Watsu therapist as well as other type of bodywork therapist. Yes, we are body mindfulness geek! We've been facilitating classes, workshops and retreats internationally since 2011.

Our core value is promoting healthy way of living for the mind, the body and the soul. Creating a space for encouragement, confidence, connectedness and supportiveness with one self and with others is what we would like to contribute to develop. 

We want to inspire you & motivate you to realize how much beauty and wisdom we already have in ourselves. 

Being true to oneself is the best strength one can have. Allowing it to come about is his biggest challenge. That's how Moving Yogis was born. We want to spread the message and share!